Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 29, 2021

2016_larry_taylor_op  [Larry Taylor]

Larry Taylor Note:  Well, blessings to you today, Saturday, May 29, 2021 & it seems I am again on the trail of the Armenian Secret Letter Prophecy, updates later ……….

2016_Larry_Taylor_Ashley_Patel_Vote_2021  [Larry Taylor]

Larry Taylor Note:  Well, don’t usually do this, but Ashley Patel is an Oklahoma Prayer Warrior [see above image] & is running for 2021 Miss Oklahoma USA ‘People’s Choice’ [see above image ad] & if you feel directed go to  to vote for Ashley ($1 cost) Watch Live @  on June 5 @ 8:00pm. Ashley is Darnette’s niece & a blessing to all who know her !!! ……………

2016_Yahoo_News_Corrie-1  [Larry Taylor]

Larry Taylor Note:  Someone recently sent this link to Corrie Ten Boom – 1974 “Tribulation & Martyrdom”  & her thoughts & warning to Americans …………..

2016_Bible_1_Word  [Larry Taylor]

Larry Taylor Note:  Recently I sent a LINK to author Jamie Lee Grey for discussion & link is  about Secret Armenian Prophet & Prophecy …………..

2016_Yahoo_News_Kim_Armenian  [Daily Mail UK News]

Daily Mail UK News Breaking Report  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Keeping up with the Kardashians [see above image]  Circa 1900, How Kim Kardashian’s ancestors heeded a ‘boy-prophet’s’ warning, escaped from Armenia to safety in America ?    {breaking-report} …………….

2016_Yahoo_News_Mario_Murillo1  [America’s Voice News]

AMERICA’S VOICE NEWS BREAKING  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Mario Marillo on America’s Voice News “Firewall” program  with it’s host Lance Wallnau, May 29, 2021 & gave this warning “There is a Demonic Entity, a Bubble Entity that surrounds Joe Biden & this Entity protects Biden from all, even Media ?” …

2016_Yahoo_News_Fox_Dissenters  [Yahoo News]

Yahoo News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Fox News battle continues in Pro-Life Trump politics [see above image]  as Trump dissenters depart the network ?   {breaking-report} …….

2016_Breitbart_USA_Citizen_Journalists_Andrew_Breitbart  [Breitbart News]

Breitbart News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  On Breaking The News, Andrew Breitbart [see above left image] before his death warned prophetically that later in America, that only Citizen Journalists would tell the people the TRUTH !!! (for article) see LINK at  {breaking} ………

2016_Koenig_Israel_Netanyahu-Bennett-now  [Koenig News]

Koenig International News  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Naftali Bennett agrees to perform a ‘change of government’ [see above image]  in Israel, with the Lapid Party. Bennett scheduled to serve as Israel’s next Prime Minister, Netanayhu out !!!

2016_Hal_Turner_TrumpWon-YankeeStadium-05-27-2021  [Hal Turner]

Hal Turner World News Alert  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Breaking Intel Report [see above image]  Patriots raise banner in NY Yankee Stadium [above] “Trump Won, Save America” SHOCK !!! ……

DEVELOPING ……………………………………..

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