Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 31, 2021

2016_Yahoo_News_Mars_Cloudy_Day  [Yahoo News]

Yahoo News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Mars Curiosity Rover films a rare ‘cloudy’ day on Mars [see above image]  in late January, as reported by NASA, a day with noted clouds in Mars atmosphere/sky ?  {breaking} …

2016_A_A_A_A_a_Bannon_Navarro_Clouthub  [Yahoo News]

Yahoo News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Warnings for Trump from Steve Bannon War Room [see above image]  on America’s Voice News, with numerous guests sending information to Trump, via the {video} news reports ! ….

2016_yahoo_news_roger_stone  [Yahoo News]

Yahoo News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Trump’s longtime ally Roger Stone [see above image]  warns Trump that DEMS & Deep State plan to indict former President Trump for a FRAUD charge in coming summer weeks, says Be Warned, Trump !!! ……

2016_Populist_Press_Michael-Flynn-4-913x479  [Populist Press]

POPULIST PRESS NEWS BREAKING  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  General Michael Flynn [see above image]  goes all in, calls for a military coup in America, against Communist Government, a coup similar to recent Myanmar military coup against corrupt government ?   {breaking-report} …..

2016_Hal_Turner_Fulton-Ballot-Warehouse-Unlocked-Unguarded  [Hal Turner]

Hal Turner World News Alert  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Fraud results in THEFT of 2020 Presidential Election [see above image]  reveals corruption at almost all levels of Government in the State of Georgia. Election corruption {just happened in Georgia} as corrupt deputies abandon Ballot Warehouse [see above] against Court Order by judge, alarms go off, BUILDING WITH BALLOTS found wide open in Georgia ?   {breaking-report} ……

2016_Breitbart_book_Breaking-news  [Breitbart News]

Breitbart News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Alex Marlow’s new book “Breaking The News” [see above image]  exposes financial ties between the New York Times & ‘pro-Amnesty’ Billionaires in America. Exposes the Establishment U.S. MEDIA & their hidden deals ?   {breaking} …..

2016_Amazon_Breaking-the-news-book  [Breitbart News]

Breitbart News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Alex Marlow’s shocking book “Breaking The News” [see above image book]  available in book stores & Amazon  ……..

2016_Breitbart_Biden_Deported_Back  [Breitbart News]

Breitbart News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  New report, Joe Biden’s DHS considers bringing back [see above image]  to America, those deported under the Trump Presidency, bring all illegal aliens back to America !!! …..

2016_Yahoo_News_Israel_Bibi_Bennett  [Yahoo News]

Yahoo News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  After a decade of Netanyahu, Israel’s right moves [see above image]  for an immediate change, will Bibi now leave office ?   {breaking-report} …..

2016_Koenig_NATO_War_Games  [Koenig News]

Koenig International News  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Showdown in Europe, as U.S. & NATO [see above image]  wage large war game in EU States, as Russia moves troops west ?   {breaking-report} …..

2016_Yahoo_News_Blue_miracle_Movie  [Yahoo News]

Yahoo News Entertainment Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Dennis Quaid’s new movie [see above image]  “Blue Miracle” is a must watch uplifting film in these unpleasant times !!! ……

2016_A_A_A_A_a_lou-dobbs-cowboy-moon-Parler  [Lou Dobbs]

NEW LOU DOBBS WEBSITE COMING  {embedded}  ~  Is being reported that after Lou Dobbs [see above image] show was terminated by Fox Business Network, that Lou Dobbs is possibly working on a new website release  hopefully will be operational soon !!!   {breaking} ……

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