Larry Taylor Radio Flash ~ May 28, 2021

2016_A_Best_1200x900  [Night Shadows]

NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO with Stewart Best  {embedded}  ~  Stewart Best announces “Night Shadows”  [see above] with Stewart Best & Larry Taylor in a conversation tonight, Friday, May 28, 2021 — begins at 7:00pm Central. AND you can LISTEN on any phone @  929-477-2293. Stewart Best daily BLOG @  …….

2016_augusto_perez_listen-now    [Augusto Perez]

END TIME NEWS REPORT with Augusto Perez  {embedded}  ~  Augusto Perez “End Time News Report”  [see above] with host Augusto Perez, Larry Taylor & Chuck Wilson is now RECORDED & ready to PLAY tonight, Friday, May 28, 2021 — begins at 6:00pm Central, 7:00pm Eastern. AND you can LISTEN on any phone @  323-642-1086. Augusto Perez everyday website always found @  ……

2016_Hal_Turner_Morgan-Silver-Dollar  [Hal Turner]

Hal Turner World News Alert  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Urgent Covert Intel Report [see above image]  United States Mint confirms a ‘Global’ Silver Shortage, as DOJ appears completely corrupt to the core & markets having price manipulations ?    {breaking-report} ……………

2016_Drudge_Putin_Government  [Yahoo News]

Yahoo News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Putin & Russia frustrated with recent Biden U.S. decisions worldwide [see above]  Plus sour note ahead of the June important summit ?   {breaking} …..

2016_Qalert_Biden_Loose  [Q-Alert News]

Q-Alert News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Biden sets free Al-Qaeda ally who plotted [see above image]  to smuggle nukes into America ?  {breaking} …….

2016_Koenig_IDF_tanks_Hamas  [Koenig News]

Koenig International News  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Israel is preparing now for the next Hamas WAR ? [see above image]  unsure how deterred the Gaza Terror Group is now, despite a cease-fire ?   {breaking-report} …..

2016_Yahoo_Bigfoot-2  [Oklahoma News Break]

Oklahoma News Break Report  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Film crews are in Oklahoma City [see above image]  & on rural mountainous Honobia Oklahoma filming a new documentary in BIGFOOT, the mysterious creature, the myth, however; with so many sightings  never-ending sightings ? …

2014_Shakarian  [Larry Taylor]

Larry Taylor Note:  Well, recently was stirred back to the Demos Shakarian story of the Armenian Secret Letter [see above book image] “The Happiest People on Earth” – Who are they & what is their secret ? Book by John & Elizabeth Sherrill (1975) some copies still on AMAZON BOOKS  & made some more inquiries (in progress)  …….


Larry Taylor Note:  Recently talked with author Jamie Lee Grey from the Pacific Northwest [see above image] who remembered some of the information of Demos Shakarian & his story, plus the ‘secret letter’ & Jamie Lee Grey remarks now that it certainly must be time for the LETTER to be opened !!! …….

DEVELOPING ……………………………………..

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