Larry Taylor News Flash ~ May 26, 2020

2016_Qalert_Hal_sbc-news-alert  [Hal Turner]

Hal Turner World News Alert  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  [unconfirmed] Media Blackout in combat area {breaking} URGENT ~~~ Earlier reports of 5-prong attack into India by Chinese Army forces in area of Galwan River. plus near Lake Pangong region inside Indian territory {breaking}  Tuesday, May 26, Chinese forces with thousands more Chinese move 35+ more miles deeper into India. As the Indian Army fires upon Chinese forces with artillery & Chinese artillery return fire exchange [Media blackout on fighting between China & India] Satellite detection of Chinese Army missile batteries preparing to fire upon Indian forces !!!! {alert} .. This report is COVERT INTEL ………………

2011_DEBKA_China_Liaoning_Carrier  [Drudge Report]

Drudge Report Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  China deploys 2 aircraft carriers & warships [see above image] to Taiwan Strait, as tensions rise with U.S. {breaking} China deploys Carrier Liaoning & Carrier Shandong to a strategic area off Taiwan.

Q-Alert News Breaking  ~  HEADLINE:  China deploys 2 Chinese Navy aircraft carriers & other warships to Pratas Islands, Taiwan Strait  {breaking} ……

2016_Qalert_Hal_Turner_Alert  [Hal Turner]

Hal Turner World News Alert  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  U.S. B-1 bombers & warplane escorts flying over the South China Sea on Tuesday, as tensions increase ..

2016_ZeroHedge_China_Trreat_Xi  [Breitbart News]

Breitbart News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  EU Media reports indicate a “End of American-led World” [see above image]  & immediate RISE of CHINA [above] happening right before our eyes !!!  ……

DEVELOPING ………………………………………

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