Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 24, 2021

2016_A_A_A_A_a_Space_Weather_Flare  [Space Weather]

NOAA & Space Weather News Alert  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Solar Flare Frenzy on the SUN [see above image]  as Sunspot AR 2824 unleashes sequence of solar flares not seen in years ? [see above] NASA spacecraft has observed 10 C-class flares & 2 M-class flares from Sunspot, one after the other, a real time sequence of 12 solar flares in hours ? — Prepare for geomagnetic storms May 25th …..

2016_Deyo_Solar_Stroms_back  [Deyo News]

Deyo 24/7 News Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Solar storms are now back again [see above image]  threatening life on Earth as we know it, with geomagnetic waves that can cripple electric power & communications globally ? ..

2016_A_A_A_A_Dames_Killshot   [Ed Dames]

Ed Dames News & The Final Countdown  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  The Final Countdown with Ed Dames [see above image]  on the KILLSHOT & new Final Countdown Report “Soon They Control Your Every Move” {video} @  {video} ………….

2016_Koenig_Putin_Conference  [Koenig News]

Koenig International News  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Putin in televideo conference from Moscow [see above image]  with Russian leaders, developing a world-wide strategy against the WEST ?   {breaking-report} ……

2016_Quayle_Steve_Image_TV  [Steve Quayle]

SPECIAL ALERT REPORT from Steve Quayle  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  From Special Quayle Alert [see above image]  Steve Quayle writes “The United States as a whole has forgotten God, now it’s turned over to those who hate America & war against those who oppose ?”   {breaking} …….

2016_AMVO_Steve_Bannon  [America’s Voice News]

AMERICA’S VOICE NEWS & Bannon War Room  {embedded}  ~  Steve Bannon with Retired General Joe Arbuckle [see above image]  as Gen. Arbuckle warns “Our Nation is in deep peril & America is running down the road of socialism & marxism” Arbuckle Group  report posted  {breaking-report} ………………..

2016_Koenig_Digital_Dollar_Brainard  [Koenig News]

Koenig International News  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Biden Administration & Fed Reserve Governor Brainard [see above image]  push for Digital Dollar, as Central Bank currency race heats up ?   {breaking} …..

2016_YN_Yellowstone  [Yahoo News]

Yahoo News Entertainment Breaking  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Yellowstone, Season 4 [see above image]  will start with a BANG & everyone in Montana will be in DANGER after that !!! {breaking} First Episode season 4 is titled: “Wrath of Rip” with hell on the Dutton Ranch ?   {breaking} …….

2016_Beforeitsnews_Canada_China_train  [Before It’s News]

Before It’s News Breaking Report  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  Stunning new INTEL (May 23) [see above image]  China owns Western Canada & USA ? — Chinese troops, weapons [see above image] plus Bio-Weapons for USA war coming ?   {special INTEL report} ………….

2016_Breitbart_Dark-Obama-420x315  [Barry Roffman]

Barry Roffman Torah Code Research  {embedded}  ~  Barry Roffman torah code research matrix on Obama [see above]  titled as “Obama is a Traitor to America” [December 3, 2017] & you can view other Barry Roffman torah code research @  ……

2016_Amazon_Dan_Gordon_USA  [Dan Gordon]

DAY OF THE DEAD, Book 2, AMERICA  ~  Author Dan Gordon book warning America of terror attacks [see above image] which is a followup from Day of the Dead, Book 1, Gaza is available from AMAZON  with shocking data embedded in both books & hopeful successful scenarios !!! ……

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