Larry Taylor Earthquake Alert ~ November 14, 2019

2016_Bill_Citrone_California_EQ  [Bill Citrone]

EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION BILL CITRONE  ~  Bill Citrone of California sent me an EMAIL ALERT [November 13, 2019] predicting a large EQ in next day or so, well today November 14, 2019, 7.4 Mag. Major EQ – Molucca Sea……….

2016_Hal_Turner_Tsunami_Threat   [Hal Turner]

Hal Turner World News Alert  {embedded}  ~  HEADLINE:  National Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued TSUNAMI WARNING after 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Pacific Ocean, near Indonesia   {breaking} ….

2016_EMSC_7.4_Indonesia  [EMSC]

European-Mediterranean Seismic Center  ~  Reported Major Earthquake in Indonesia Region [see above image] as 7.1 Mag. Major EQ, Molucca Sea, Indonesia, 1.62N, 126.42E, [depth 52.0 km] 139 km E from Bitung, Indonesia  {breaking} …..

2016_deyo_earthquake  [RSOE/EDIS]

RSOE/EDIS Disaster Website Alert  ~  RSOE/EDIS reported multiple large earthquakes near Indonesia:  7.1EQ, 7.2EQ, 7.4EQ, 6.0EQ   {breaking} ….

2011_DanielHoldings1-420x378  [Night Shadows]

NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO with Stewart Best  {embedded}  ~  Stewart Best plans on NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO SHOW with Stewart Best, Larry Taylor & the Special Guest DANIEL HOLDINGS [see above image] tomorrow night, Friday, November 15, 2019 — begins at 7:00pm Central  — REMEMBER, tomorrow night, SEE YOU THERE !!!

DEVELOPING ……………………………………….

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